Friday, August 9, 2013

30 days of creativity 2013: finished!

30 days of creativity, 30doc 2013, #30doc
Day 1: Birthday tag, Day 2: herb garden markers, Day 3: painted sign, Day 4: mini bunting, Day 5: Cat scratcher, Day 6: Kitchen labels, Day 7: Cupcake batter for my cousin's graduation, Day 8: Frosted & decorated cupcakes for said graduation, Day 9: Sunday school craft, Day 10: Strawberry rhubarb pie, Day 11: Capri Sun wallet, Day 12: Party favors, Day 13: Homemade card, Day 14: Experimenting with my bread recipe, Day 15: Sewed a basket, Day 16: Strawberry shortcake for Father's Day, Day 17: Strawberries & cream pie, Day 18: Ice cream cookie sandwiches, Day 19: Painting at work, Day 20: Yay! card, Day 21: Bomb pop card, Day 22: Festive bunting, Day 23: Bookmark, Day 24: Mason jar tag, Day 25: festive card, Day 26: Flags for cupcakes, Day 27: Finishing my Cosco stool, Day 28: Work tags, Day 29: Pretty packaging, Day 30: Bumbleberry pie

30 projects in 30 days. There were days that I had to trick myself into "creating" something, but I finished! Checking another one off my Summer Manifesto.

For more 30 Days of Creativity goodness, check out the 30DOC site.


  1. YAY!! I want to hear more about this Cosco stool project! I remember when you bought it, but was recovering it easy? Your projects are awesome!!

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