Friday, October 8, 2010

She heard this: Perrin Lamb

One of the great loves of my life is music. It's a wonderful thing when you feel an emotional connection to a lyric or a melody or a whole song. I can only imagine how boring life would be without some of the beautiful sounds we are able to listen to each day. That is why I've decided to start an ongoing feature called "She Heard This" showcasing some of my favorite musicians. 

The very first artist to be featured is singer-songwriter Perrin Lamb. 

I have a deep appreciation for musicians who write their own music, and Perrin is one such artist. His lyrics are his own. They are contemplative but simplistic. His music about life and love and mistakes echoes in relation to my own life experiences. It's easy to find myself listening to his music over and over. 
Perrin has recently released his Sometimes the Night EP for purchase on iTunes. You can also find more of Perrin's music on his website.

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