Friday, November 12, 2010

Five for Friday: On the road

In a nod to the dear Kayla Aimee, I have come up with my own Five For Friday!

1. I'm on my way to Chicago with Kay & Katie for a quick weekend trip. I'm about as excited as a country bumpkin can possibly be!

2. While I'm in Chicago, I fully plan to pretend like I'm in a John Hughes movie.

3. I'm bringing this lovely with me because I've been slacking. Plus, if I get annoyed with the traffic in Chicago, I can throw it at the nearest car and not feel bad. (Okay, I would feel a little bad. Road rage is unacceptable kids.)

4. Yesterday, I completed the dismembering of an old quilt. If handicraft karma exists, I'm doomed.

5. I'm a twitter addict. You can follow me here if you don't want to wait for a Chicago blog update!

Please continue praying for Kayla Aimee and her family. They could really use the love.

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