Monday, November 8, 2010

One-two-three-four I see a light war

My neighbors are either one of two things: overachievers or instigators. Why? Well, they started putting out Christmas lights the day of Halloween. Sure, they seem only a couple of steps ahead, but I think it's a well thought out plot to take down my family's current reign as the loveliest holiday lighted house in the neighborhood. 

Our house is the one that people slow down as they are driving by and then make a second pass to see the lights again in detail. We were the family that lined the yard in candy canes with a wreath on every door. Our home was like the Griswold house, only cooler. 

Now I'm feeling just a wee bit threatened. Have you seen the Grinch? Not the awesome animated version, the lesser Jim Carrey version. I'd liken my current emotional state to that of Betty Lou Who after Martha May finishes off her light display. 

But it's on. It's on like the Griswold Christmas gone wild. I will try to keep up to date on my progress in the next few weeks.

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  1. Ah yes, nothing like a light war to celebrate the birth of the Savior!

    Be fierce! All the snow globes and yard deer you can find.


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