Sunday, January 30, 2011

pipe dreams

As a child, I used to fight sleep with the strength of a thousand stuffed animals. Okay, so maybe that's not very much animal power. I was a kid; cut me some slack. There was always another reason for me to get out of bed. Suddenly, I'd be dying of thirst and request five glasses of water. Or there was always the sick trick; claiming to have a sore tummy so that mom would give me some of the grape medicine in the cabinet. Eventually though, my parents would catch on and force my retreat to bed. My cassette player and good books kept me company during my surrender for many years. 

Now as an adult, I fight sleep like a ninja, or that's what I tell my friends. I stay up way too late working on creative projects or watching movies. Occasionally, I fall down the Etsy hole and can't find my way back out until the wee hours of the morning. Most nights are spent meandering through the thick of Google Reader with Twitter friends to keep me company. 

When I do fall asleep, it's a magical thing. If my dreams are any indication, my imagination is as vivid as it was throughout my childhood. This week I've had so many crazy, outlandish dreams. Chinese children with cardboard hair. Talking squirrels. Train cars filled with balloons. Usually, this ends with me waking up and pinching myself a hundred times. Talking squirrels kind of freak me out.

So tell me, do have any pipe dreams? Real or in your imagination?

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