Thursday, March 3, 2011

Even when the flood starts rising

Mother Nature must be PMSing. That's the only reason I can come up with for the weather we've been experiencing lately.

She was cold as ice when I came back from my trip south with sparkling ice covering each of the trees. The next few days involved sleet and snow. Which turned out to be about as fun as a having a root canal done. Someone must have brought her chocolates because there was a day of sunshine and blue skies. Finally, the storms came. A day full of rain from sun up to beyond sun down. Want to know what happens when you combine rain with never ending piles of snow that were still hanging around? It melts. Where does the resulting water go? Nowhere. 

When I say nowhere what I really mean is, everywhere that you don't want it to go. 

The major river in town began to rise and the town began to flood. This was only the start. The waters kept rising throughout the day.

 People reported up to two feet of standing water in their homes and businesses. 

Hours after I took this last photo, the water covered every inch of dry ground that you see. The overflowing river finally crested and the flood levels went down. But not before causing a lot of damage. Thankfully, my home and workplace were not affected by the waters. There are many others that are still cleaning up the mess left behind. 

Send a little prayer up for my town tonight.


  1. That's scary! Sending some thoughts to your town, and I'm glad you're ok!

  2. oh wow - luckily your home was ok!


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