Thursday, June 23, 2011

7 Day Push - Week 2

When Ashley decided to start up the 7 Day Push challenge, I was ready to jump in. Her idea was a great one, follow through on a small challenge and see how big of an impact it creates. Simple enough, right?

Last week's challenge was to be active 15 minutes each day. Seven days in to that challenge was anything but difficult. When all else failed, I took a quick 15 minute walk. Easy peasy.

This weeks challenge is about procrastination, and hello? That's all me. If procrastination were a sport, I'd probably be an Olympian by now. I decided to apply the challenge to my job this week because I had such a huge task that I was putting off for several days. On Tuesday, I put myself on lock down, slowly chipping away at the project. On Wednesday, I tied up a few loose ends and called it done. The reward for all of this? I had room for an unexpected fun and creative project at work on Thursday, and I'll have extra time to spare on Friday. It's a nice win-win-win for me.

With that task out of the way, I'm going to focus a little more on my blog because procrastination reigns supreme here as well. Not only do I want to change the layout, but I also want to make sure I'm updating often. Sometimes my perfectionist tendencies turn into procrastination because I know I'll spend forever getting everything just so. It's time to stop thinking & make it work.

It's never too late to sign up for the 7 Day Push challenge. Visit Ashley's blog for more information.


  1. Yay for finishing something! I've changed my mind on some of the things I was planning and replaced them with others...but I got a big one out of the way too.

    We Olympians are kickin' it!

  2. I'm the same way with being a perfectionist. It gets in the way of starting a lot of my projects.

    So glad you joined in!

  3. I'm beginning to think all perfectionists are master's of procrastination! I'm a huge perfectionist & I have issues with procrastination as well. I know exactly how I want things & if it can't be done right away, then I put it off because it's not worth the risk of messing up (in my mind).

  4. the 7 day push sounds interesting!

    I would definitely beat you at the procrastination sport, I'm a gold medalist! lol


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