Monday, July 11, 2011

the kitchen attack

Whatever happened to lazy Sundays? That's what I want to know. My Sunday was anything but lazy. I woke up yesterday and trailed into the kitchen hoping to find something edible. Instead, I found a huge mess of little bitty ants who finally found the promised land on my kitchen counter. That is, if the promised land includes a sink full of dirty dishes.

So, I did what any other bug disliking person would do; I shrieked in horror & disgust. My first plan of action was to reference KA's kitchen crisis vlog. The ants don't like cinnamon, right? So I pulled out one of my three (yes, three) trusty bottles of cinnamon and started pouring.
Midway through this process I realized two things. 1. These ants did not mind cinnamon. They were happy little ants who were probably going to make little snickerdoodles for themselves later. And 2. In the second half of the vlog, KA found cinnamon loving maggots. Gross. Goodbye cinnamon.

My only other weapon at hand was a bottle of cleaner. Yes, it's orange scented but it's called Mean Green and name had to account for something.
So I doused them, wiped them up, and flushed them down the drain.

Which I had to keep doing until someone came & rescued me with a can of ant spray.

The kitchen now has a lovely orangey-cinnamony smell to it. That means I don't have to do any cleaning for the next few days, right?

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  1. i do believe cleaning does not have to commence if it does not SMELL like it needs to be cleaned :)


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