Monday, September 19, 2011

the to-do.

It's a new season and that calls for a new list. I included most of my favorite autumn activities into this list. Some have already been checked off, while others are patiently waiting there turn.

Tell me, what are your favorite activities during autumn? Link it up if you've blogged it.


  1. Pretty sure all of these things are my favorite things to do. I love this time of the year!

  2. pumpkin spice lattes. they may not be an activity, but really. BEST thing about fall.

  3. love, love , love this list! This really is such a wonderful time of year.

  4. I've read about pumpkin spice lattes sooo many times and I've always been extremely sad about the fact that they don't offer such things in my country. No I moved somewhere else and I can't simply wait to find a place where they actually offer pumpkin spice latte! :D How silly is that? :D


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