Monday, November 21, 2011

december daily, here i come

I love getting mail. Not the junk type, but the happy kind. Occasionally, I feel like a hop, skip, and jump are necessary to the proper retrieval of packages from the mailbox. And by occasionally, I mean always.

This week, I ordered a few gifts online for friends and family. Then I ordered something for me. A just-for-fun no-nonsense type gift for myself as a reward for a busy month. My purchase was this holiday mini book from Elise.

I love Elise's mini books posted on her blog. After making my own mini book to follow along with her summer book, I decided to purchase the holiday version to turn into my December Daily. 

Last year, I tried and failed the December Daily project horribly.I scrapped seven or eight digital pages before pushing the project aside. This year, the pressure is off. The stories & photos don't have to be perfectly edited. What's important is that I finish the project. 

Will any of you be participating in the December Daily project this year?

Also, can you believe how cute Elise's packaging is? I loved the sticker on the envelope as well as the back of her business card so much that I had to include them in photos. 

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  1. That holiday book is darling. And her packaging is beautiful. I'm off to check out her site.


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