Thursday, March 15, 2012


Matthew Paul Turner grew up in an extremely conservative church family where rules were more important than the Word. In his book, Churched, he writes from the perspective of his childhood describing some of the crazy antics and strange moments he experienced in the fundamentalist church. As a child, his perspective may have been somewhat warped, but it also made for some funny moments that left me literally laughing out loud. 

Despite the lengthy descriptions of some hilarious situations, the book left me feeling confused. He only glossed over some of the bigger issues with his faith, and thus the book felt incomplete. Yes, he was witty, but beyond the fluff, where was the gritty truth? I wanted to know why he was still strong in faith instead of abandoning religion completely in the face of such disparagement. I suppose this would open itself up to a sequel, which I would still happily read. 

*I received a free copy of Churched by Matthew Paul Turner from Blogging For Books to review. The review & opinions posted are my own.*

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