Sunday, July 8, 2012

sunday link love

Here's just a few reads to make use of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

When it comes to these red velvet graham crackers from i am baker, all I see are the best s'mores ever.

Kimberly At Home's kitchen makeover is ah-mazing. 

A lovely reminder of kindness on Bloomed In June.

I think a couple of the bolo rugs on Simple Design would be cozy around a campfire.

My sweet pup has been following me everywhere today. It seems I've been busier than normal this week and not spending enough time with her. It's time to remedy that and head out for a little sunshine and playtime.


  1. Aww thanks for the link love Nicole! You never fail to make me smile....and hungry with your cupcake posts :)

  2. eeps! thanks for the link!! omg---I LOVE that you called it AH-mazing...that made my heart sing!

    1. I just couldn't help throwing that in there. It really is fabulous!


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