Monday, August 6, 2012

cupcakes & Meg Cabot

My friend, Katherine, invited me along to a book signing with Meg Cabot a couple weeks ago. Since we don't see each other that often, we made a whole day of it. There was a lot of shopping and a lot more food.

instagram meg cabot

Instagram highlights of the day included starting off at the lone LUSH store in Indiana. It was nearly a hundred miles away from the book signing (yes, really), but worth it to sample the products in person.

I also had my first ever taste of Korean food. We tried the bi bim bap which I can't for the life of me pronounce properly but it was delicious. They bring it to you in a sizzling hot stoneware bowl with an egg on top. Bonus points- I finally learned how to properly use chopsticks. It only took me 25 years.

The book signing came later. They're always signings are super awkward for me. Well, technically any meet & greet type of event is awkward for me. Standing in line, I have a dozen or so intellectually stimulating questions to ask but when I actually get the chance, all that comes out is "You have nice hair" or something equally boring. Lame, party of one. Anyone else have this problem?

Meg Cabot was every bit as fantastic as she comes across in her books though (and on twitter-if you don't follow her, what are you waiting for?) She discussed some of her writing and held a q&a before signing books. By some strange twist of fate, Katherine & I were suddenly at the front of the line for the signing. We had about enough time to say "hey, how are you? we brought gifts & gluten free cupcakes!" before being shuffled out of the way by the impatient staff.

It was a sudden end to a long day, but I was grateful to meet one of my favorite authors.

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  1. Lovely pictures ^^ Those cupcakes are so pretty and look delicious, almost too pretty too eat! What a lovely place, the one with the different chairs, best interior design resort ever.


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