Wednesday, October 3, 2012

mornings at the market

Farmer's Market, Indiana, Indiana farmer's market, autumn farmer's market, vegetable, quilt tablecloth
Living in a seasonal climate, you learn to take advantage of the season's best offerings while they're still here. From late-spring until mid-autumn, I love spending Saturday mornings at a nearby farmer's market. I also love that it gives me a reason to visit the town for something other than Starbucks and Target.

Plus, there's a vendor who sells the best carrot muffins ever. I buy one every single time. A girl's gotta have her somewhat healthy breakfast, right?

pumpkins, gourds, Indiana farmer's market, farmer's market, blue moon pumpkin, pile of pumpkinsEveryone was selling pumpkins and gourds galore. I wanted to adopt them all and bring them home like they were sweet little puppies and kittens. Actually, there was a vendor who brought some kittens for adoption. All but one were already taken by the time we arrived. The poor thing was so lonely and meowing up a storm.
   farmer's market, garden, vegetables, indiana farmer's market, indiana, autumn farmer's marketThis particular vendor gets most of my market money. Partially because he reminds me of my late grandfather. Mostly because his produce is the best.
midwest, tote bag, midwest tote bag, pumpkin
This would be the loot from the farmer's market. Well, except for the muffins & my nephew's pumpkin bread. They didn't survive the trip home.

I already can't wait for the next farmer's market trip & more carrot muffins. Yum.

P.S. The tote is my favorite from Megan Lee Design's Etsy shop.

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