Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seven on 7

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1. First red cup of the season happened yesterday.

2. Has gingerbread always been such a trend? That red cup was filled with a gingerbread chai latte. Later that night, I picked up some gingerbread Oreos & ice cream. I'm just sharing the gingerbread love, y'all.

3. My election ballot included a former Survivor contestant.

4. There was no line at my polling place. There were also no stickers. Win some/lose some.

5. This scarf might be my new favorite.

6. I discovered the tv show Last Man Standing this week. As a former JTT fangirl & Home Improvement viewer, I love it.

7. I'm still praying for those of you affected by Hurricane Sandy. You weren't forgotten. It's time for our nation to refocus attention to the areas in need.

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