Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Recap

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Have you ever moved through a week's time feeling like a zombie? I've spent the entire week recovering from a family filled Thanksgiving and shopping on Black Friday. I'm sure the excessive turkey & spending money in the wee hours of the morning didn't help. Here's an insta-recap of my holiday:

1. Baking those turkey cookies. 2. Food 3. One of the dinners is abundant with people I don't know. Hence the mandatory name tag. 4. More food. 5. My sweet nephew. 6. The dessert table. Yum. 7. Grandma her Christmas decorations up well before dinner. 8. Mom & I skipped the Thanksgiving evening crowds and instead left at 4am on Black Friday because, well, it's tradition. 9. One of the few lines we had to stand in. This one was at Joann Fabrics. 10. Daylight in the Target parking lot. 11. Refueled at Starbucks. 12. Dinner at my favorite restaurant to end a great day of shopping.

Did anyone else go out Black Friday shopping? Find any good deals?

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