Monday, January 14, 2013

begin again

Indiana rain, rain, rainy window, flooded park
Fourteen days into the new year. It's been a busy one. I had one day to rest and relax in the new year. It's been go-go-go ever since. I don't mind though. The 12 hour days keep the monster of restlessness away. They also keep the blogging minimal.

Mother Nature dropped ten inches of snow around the new year. A week or so later, I was enjoying spring weather. This weekend, leftover snow finished melting away with the arrival of rain leaving unwanted lakes and puddles around town. This morning, the puddles froze into miniature ice rinks along with all of my outdoor locks. That's Indiana weather for you. Always changing. Somewhat frustrating.

Yesterday was spent reworking a failed cupcake recipe. I have a love/hate relationship with baking sometimes. It's a balance of creativity and science. Oh, and eating. Can't forget that. It's the most important part after all. I'm happy to report the recipe worked this time around and will be posted on Friday.

There are big plans for me after work involving a whole lot of nothing. No laundry. No dishes. Just me, a cupcake, and the new episode of Biggest Loser. Then it's back to fruit and yogurt and vegetables in the morning.

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