Friday, June 7, 2013

donut days

donut, national donut day, vintage tablecloth, dutch tablecloth, donut sprinkles

Friday started with this lovely gem of a sugar filled, calorie laden treat. But it's national donut day, right? Who can argue with a holiday dedicated solely to donuts? (Although, I strongly suspect the donut makers themselves have something to do with this.)

See that pretty tablecloth underneath? That was a whole other kind of treat. I found it in a little shop while running errands with my mom & nephews. Shortly after, we bought a few donuts & pulled into a park to put that pretty tablecloth to use. We looked a little crazy, but that's pretty much the norm.

This weekend is looking like the good kind of busy. Cupcakes to bake for my cousin's graduation party. Farmer's markets to attend. Kid crafts to plan for Sunday school. Followed by a Monday with absolutely zero commitments. I can't wait.

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