Friday, October 3, 2014

sweet iron & wine

Last month, I made the trip to Bloomington to see Mr. Sam Beam, of Iron & Wine fame, with a friend. There was more time spent in the car than at the actual show, but it was well worth it. He played a solo, acoustic set mostly made of audience requests with a few of his newer songs mixed between. 

Bloomington is such a lovely town, but thanks to rush hour traffic, we didn't make it there in time for a proper dinner. Luckily, there was a cute little coffee chocolate shop located right next door. 

My friend bought each of us a french macaron, and let me tell you, it was the best macaron I've ever had. Granted, I have limited experience with macarons, but if I ever try my hand at baking these sweet treats, this would be my desired product. 

A few hours later, we were back on the road to home. The foggy, late night road to home that looked like something out of a horror movie. Spoiler alert: Everyone made it home with all of their extremities intact.

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