Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I love cupcakes. Not just a little; more like a lot. And not just because they're trendy. I'm all for anything that's single serving and hellooo, it's cake. 

That said, there's been a whole lot of goings on over at my other blog, Sasquatch Willow. I posted a super, delicious, dreamy, (insert other fantastic adjectives here because they are that awesome) chocolate cupcake recipe. We've also posted a few Valentine pretties and printables too. 

Check it out!


  1. i don't know one person who doesn't like cupcakes...i agree single serving anything plus cake...genius! i was thinking of making some cupcakes for valentines day..nothing fancy but the mother in law LOVES to buy us betty crocker mixes and this last visit she sent us home with strawberry frosting and strawberry cake mix and some really cute heart cupcake sleeves...hard to resist!


  2. Cake mixes can be equally as much fun! Those cupcakes sound like they would be super cute! Send me a link if you blog them!


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