Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm an ice survivor

I did, in fact, survive the icepocalypse. Bonus- I also managed to keep most of my sanity intact! Although the ice was kind of scary, the weather left me in awe of scenes like this.

Just as we were digging ourselves out of the ice, mother nature decided to drop another six inches of white, fluffy snow on us. It was the prettiest snow of the season. I felt like I was tumbling through a snowglobe the entire day.

My nephews took it upon themselves to declare Saturday a day for sledding. I was happy to oblige and knock another item off my winter checklist.

Step One found us searching for the tallest (man made) hill in town. Not such a hard feat since we live in the flatlands, USA.

Step Two involved climbing to the top of the hill. Much harder task when several inches of ice are lying beneath the snow. 

Step Three encouraged screaming and holding on for dear life as we raced down the white terrain.

Step Four is probably the best with hot cocoa to share. Wouldn't you know, rainbow colored marshmallows make it even better.

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