Friday, March 25, 2011

What's In My Bag

I seem to take a certain pleasure in trying to carry out huge tasks in a short amount of time. Switching purses for instance (because I got a new purse, yay!) My brain is wired to believe that I am able to sort through all of the junk in my old purse in the final ten minutes before leaving on a small weekend trip. I can just hear the sighs of Martha Stewart's organizational team.

It wasn't finished in time (duh), so I threw the old purse inside of the new purse. Yes, that really happened. It didn't last long though. I finally found the time to make a proper switch later that night. This also seemed like a pretty good time to dump all of the contents of my purse out so you could see what I decided to keep.

(larger photo here)

1. Wallet from Target
2. Purell wipe from Chick-fil-a
3. Car charger for my phone - isn't it lovely?
4. Neutrogena sunblock
5. Hand lotion from Bath & Body Works
6. Pain reliever medicine
7. New (to me) purse from a consignment shop. The photo doesn't do any justice to the size. I've knocked over 2 lamps already.
8. Essie nail polish in Cute As A Button & Chinchilly. Who knows when the inspiration will hit to give myself a manicure?
9. Rings - Green flower ring from Charming Charlie (love them!) & peach mum ring from Retro Cafe Art
10. Binder clips
11. Rechargeable battery. Just one.
12. Handmade coin purse from a friend
13. Keys & tags & bobbles
14. Larabar - A yummy bar that has a label I can actually understand? Yes, please.
15. Random cards that didn't quite find their place yet. Starbucks gift card. Ulta club card. & Gym card.
16. Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets. Perfect for on the go.
17. Hair ties - Where there is one, there are usually ten.
18. Burt's Bees chapstick. A purse is not a purse without a good chapstick.

Well. There you have it. The inside of my purse. I feel as though I should go vacuum something now.


  1. Those are two of my favorite Essie polishes! And I seriously couldn't cope without the Clean&Clear wipes. :)

  2. Burt's Bees is the best!! Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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