Monday, April 4, 2011

April's Challenge

Just the other day I said to my friend "I could never give up meat, I love chicken too much." as we walked the aisles of the grocery store. Then later that night, I read Kara's post about giving up soda for the month of April and inviting others to do the same. I love a good challenge, but I've already given up drinking soda. Beside of the occasional lemon lime soda in a mixed drink, I stick with water and lemonade. Carbonation sort of freaks me out now too.

Since I couldn't take part in the no soda challenge, I decided to come up with my own. Sort of. In Kara's post she mentioned that last year she gave up eating meat for a month and has since become a vegetarian. It got me thinking about the conversation with my friend and how big the word never really is.

There are hundreds and thousands of things that are harder to do than going meat free for a month, and I'm not about to let the word never kick me in the butt. So, I've decided to give up meat for the month of April.

The rest of it anyway. That leaves me and a whole lot of fruits and veggies to get reacquainted with one another. This is a good thing.


  1. You can do it!!! I know it will be hard, but you can. Just make sure you are getting protein by other means. (I know you know this, just wanted to say it to be motherly ha)

    I have given up soda for the most part. I think I have only had one soda drink in the past 2 weeks. I drink mainly water. Every now and then Juice and milk. :)

  2. way to go! we eat a ton of veggies and about twice a week we have meat and i am happy with the limited about we have but i don't think i could give it up entirely although i do love vegetarian food a lot...actually i just love food. i think you are gonna do so great and if you turn vegetarian great but maybe it will make you look at eating less of it. there are a couple of great documentaries on netlfix that you can check out that are great to know more about where our meat comes from..might help in your journey of meatless april!


  3. How did this go for you?

    We try to eat as little meat as possible. We found that adding more mushrooms to recipes helped curb our cravings for red meat. Grilled portabella's are great in tacos and a handful of shiitakes added to pasta sauce are great tasting and quite filling.

  4. Thanks!
    It went really well, Josh!
    The first week was rough. Not just the cutting out meat part, but also trying not to rely on dairy as its replacement. After the month was over I went back to eating meat. I'm eating a lot less of it though & feel better.
    Thanks for the tips! Grilled portabellas sound amazing! I've seen them used as a substitute for a grilled hamburger too. I'd love to try it soon!


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