Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There's a mannequin in my window

The first time I saw this house, I thought I was going crazy. It looked like there were mannequins in one of the windows. I ignored it; must've been my imagination, I told myself.

Another night, I was going by and I saw the same "people" in the same window. Same pose and everything. Okay, that's just weird. Several weeks (or maybe months) later, I finally worked up the courage to take just a little closer look. Mannequins rank right up there on my list of fears next to clowns.

This is what I found.

Mannequins in every window people. The house and the garage were taken over. If they were looking for a way to thoroughly creep me out, they found it.

The only question I have now is Why? Was there a sale on mannequins? Were the mannequins trying to make a new start in a different town? Is this a preview for Halloween?




    Holy cow. That's crazy and really, really creepy.

  2. ahh thats so weird! that would scare me so much if i was just walking by. i love your blog, i just came across it. i really like how you write, followed :) x

  3. Omg, not normal in any way whatsoever! What spooked me even more was that the guy (sorry male mannequin) looks real...!?! Maybe he is and he poses at the window now and again to fool passers by ;) Just found your blog, love it. Hugs to you, Ellie Maggie x

  4. wow that is soooo funny! I wonder who would go out of the way to do that?

  5. Oh my Lord - creepy!! I would definitely be finding another route lol

    A lot of tourist spots that I've been to have mannequins outside of their shops (I guess to make it look like they have customers). One time I bumped into one and said excuse me only to find that it was a mannequin. Needless to say I quickly left! lol

  6. That last photo totally, totally gives me the heebie jeebies! Ca-reepy!

  7. that is FREAKY! I would be SO scared walking past that house, especially at night! Maybe they're selling them... or maybe they just like spooking people? :s


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