Saturday, November 5, 2011

Battle of the holidays

It seems like once Halloween is over, the battle of holidays begins. On one side, we have people who can't wait to pull out their Christmas & winter decorations. On the opposing side are others reminding us not to forget Thanksgiving.

I'm a little of both. I love Christmas and all that comes with it including the lights. But truth is, I live in Indiana and you can never quite tell how the weather is going to go.

Exactly one year ago today was the first snow of the season last year. I've put up many holiday lights in the snow, freezing fingers and all. It's not fun- especially when you're working with others and people become cranky. No thanks. The lights now go up while we still have a mild autumn day.

I'm stubborn about the rest of the decorations though. Nothing else goes out until the day after Thanksgiving. And if you're wondering about the lights- they remain unplugged until after the turkey and pumpkin pie have their day.

{photo from last year in German Village, Columbus, Ohio.}

So, where do you fall in this heated debate? One sided, a little of both, or neither?


  1. probaby one of the best things about having thanksgiving in october in canada, is that christmas decorations don't go up until december and you don't have to wonder 'is it too soon?'.

    although if i had my way, christmas decorations would be up after the first snow...and wouldn't come down until at least january 25th.

    because they do make everyone happier, don't they?

  2. I LOVE Christmas. I know Thanksgiving is an important holiday for the United States but I'd gladly do without it and just spend all of November and December preparing for and celebrating Christmas. :) I'm so NOT bothered by how quickly the retail world ushers in the holiday season!

  3. I'm totally with you - after Thanksgiving! It feels crazy to decorate for Christmas when there isn't even snow yet!


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