Friday, November 4, 2011

Week in Instagrams

One of the very first apps I downloaded to my iPhone was Instagram. I'm so in love with the filters. And bonus? I get to share the photos with others (and see theirs too!) 

Here's what the first week of November looked like for me in instagrams.

1. A super cute chalkboard sign that I made (with a lot of help from my dad). 2. Cupcakes from the new bakery next door to work. 3. A pile of muslin waiting to be assembled into a bunting. 4. Lots of lists. 5. Leaning tower of packages waiting to be taken to the post office. 6. Cute sign in a nearby pie shop. Their pies are so good!

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  1. i love making lists! it really has become an obsession lol...that is a ton of packages! snail mail rocks my socks though :)

  2. Love Instagram! Found your blog via Snapchat! Love it!


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